"Eyes in a box", she said to me. At the age of 14 I met a woman who said this to me over and over again after reading my palm. I didn't know what she meant by this and neither did she. But that is what she kept seeing and saying. "I see your eyes in a box." Some 10 years later was the birth of me becoming a photographer. Fashion is regarded by many as simple and undeserving of being called an art form. I accept that it is basic and pales in comparison to the other subjects as far as evoking emotion in the viewer. As I started my travels, though, I realized how so many cultures have their own fashions and this is the way that most of the world incorporates the arts to connect with God. In our culture the arts are a form of escape. This dichotomy has left me unresolved. I am still on my spiritual journey to find the balance in it all.